TBM3 - “Catering for Granny Annie’s Comfort”

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Object Photos and Dimensions

The objects to be used in TBM3 are shown in the table bellow, along with their dimensions.

Object Photograph Height [cm] Radius [cm] Depth [cm] Width [cm]
Candle TBM3-Candle.jpg 14 3.25 x x
Cup TBM3-Cup.jpg 12 3 and 3.75 x x
Cardboard Box TBM3-Cardboard-box.jpg 13.5 x 4.5 11.5
Coca-Cola Can TBM3-Coca-cola-can.jpg 15 2.5 x x
Pepsi Paper Cup TBM3-Pepsi-paper-cup-new.jpg 12 2.5 and 4 x x
Reading Glasses


4 x 15 14