TBM3 - “Catering for Granny Annie’s Comfort”

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To be updated for the 2015 RoCKIn Competition

Clarification of procedures and rules

Sentences and lexicon examples

Examples of sentences that Granny Annie will utter during this benchmark are reported in this section. A zip file containing the sentences and the related lexicon can be downloaded "here". The content of the .zip file is explained in the following:

  • sentences: the example sentences
  • verbs: all the verb used in the example sentences
  • nouns: all the single nouns used in the example sentences (not the composed ones, as "dining table". In this case two single nouns composing the noun are reported, e.g. "dining" and "table")
  • prepositions: all the prepositions used in the example sentences
  • adverbs: all the adverbs used in the example sentences
  • personal_pronouns: personal pronouns used in the example sentences, as "it" or "me"
  • others: other words not included in the previous category

In addition to the sentences and the lexicon, we provide also the audio version of the examples. These files have been recorded by the same person that will play the role of Granny Annie, and can be downloaded "here".

COMMENT: We need to add a common repository with data archives, tools, converters etc.