TBM2 - “Welcoming Visitors”

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Post Man and Deli Man uniforms

Deli Man and Postman uniforms can be downloaded using "this link".

Dr. Kimble face pictures

Below you can find a picture of the person who will act as Dr. Kimble.

Close Smile front view.jpg

Moro photos of Dr. Kimble face pictures will be available...


Pictures of the parcel that will be used on the RoCKIn2015 can be founded below.

The dimensions are 9.5 inches / 24.13 cm (width) x 6.5 inches / 16.51 cm (length) x 1.75 inches / 4.45 cm (height).

IP Camera networked device (as replacement for the intercom device)

There will not be a full video/audio intercom device in this year competition. There will be only a standard ip camera mounted a the front door to retrieve images from the ringing visitors.

The camera mode is an Axis P1344. The camera can have its parameters (frame rate, resolution, color gains) changed over ethernet and it is not motor controlled (no pan-tilt). Documentation can be found in "this link".

The simplest way to access the camera is by receiving the MJPEG stream published by the camera, for example in http://team_name:PASSWORD@ . During the setup days, the camera can be configured directly by each team to fit the needs (with admin but not root access). The organisation will save the configs and load them before each benchmark, for the correct team. Therefore, teams are welcome to use any protocol or configuration that the camera supports.

A ROS package that can be used to acquire images from the camera can be found here: "RoAH IPCam". Note that this is ready to use, but no guarantees are given regarding its performance. Teams are welcome to develop better and more reliable ways to communicate with the camera.