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FBM2 Rules Clarification

A slightly different version of the rules will be applied in FBM2. Please check the wiki for the differences. All the changes mentioned were made towards a more clear set of rules, input definition and to simplify the communication between the teams and the RefBox


Both the starting position and the segment_timeout (time the robot has to go from the ith waypoint to the next) will be given to the teams VERBALLY. Both will be announced during teamleaders meetings.

The starting position will be told to the teams and the robot must be placed by a team member following the referee indications. This position will be consistent in between teams to maintain the fairness in the competition and consistency in the benchmark data.


Teams will not be given the number of waypoints they'll have to perform. The refbox will issue the waypoints one by one instead of the full list. It will keep sending new points and will issue a stop signal (BenchmarkState.STOP check the diagram in http://thewiki.rockinrobotchallenge.eu/index.php?title=Robot_Setup_Home ) when the robot has reached the end of the FBM. By doing so, we avoid that teams accidentally stop the robot before the last waypoint.

The refbox will continuously send the ith waypoint to the robot. When the robot reports to have reached the point, it MUST STOP COMPLETELY and inform the RefBox (by calling the end_execute service) it has reached the point. The score is computed and the refbox will then start transmitting the (i+1)th waypoint.

Segment Timeout

If the robot does not report that it has arrived to the waypoint within the segment_timeout, the roah_rsbb/benchmarkstate will change to BenchmarkState.PREPARE. Teams must interpret this change as a segment_timeout, STOP COMPLETELY the robot and call an end_prepare. The score will be computed and the refbox will send a new goal.

Be carefull because teams HAVE TO TOTALLY STOP the robot in the mentioned situations. Failing to do so will make it impossible to compute the score. Failing to comply with this rule will cause the team to be disqualified.

Messages and Topics

With respect with these changes the messages that the robot needs to receive are only:

/roah_rsbb/goal - geometry_msgs/Pose2D - Represent waypoint, sent by the RSBB to the robot.