FBM1 - “Object perception”

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This benchmark takes place on the FBM table. The reference system for the table is defined by visual markers.

List of objects and associated frames

The following list of objects and their illustrated reference frame is going to be used in this functionality benchmark:

  • AX-01 Bearing Box Type A
  • AX-16 Bearing Box Type B
  • AX-02 Bearing
  • AX-03 Axis
  • AX-09 Motor with Gearbox
  • EM-01 Aid Tray (the teams can choose which of the two types of bearing box they want to use)
  • EM-02 Coverplates Box (this is the filecard box from the rulebook)

Reference Frame Marker

To aquire the reference frame for the FBM you could choose between either ArUcO or Alvar tags