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Welcome to RoCKIn Wiki. RoCKIn (short for &quot;Robot Competitions Kick Innovation in Cognitive Systems and Robotics&quot;) is an EU project that will be run over the next three years, consisting of robot competitions, symposiums, educational RoCKIn camps and technology transfer workshops. Our mission is to act as a catalyst for smarter, more dependable robots. The goal of this Wiki is to provide required information for team participating in RoCKIn competitions and camps.

On this wiki teams can find the required information for each of the benchmarks, for both @Home and @Work.

'''Supra-Chair:''' Pedro Lima (acting as the overall Coordinator of the Challenges Execution, within his role as RoCKIn Coordinator);

* RoCKIn@Work
:'''Chair:''' Tim Friedrich
:{| class=&quot;wikitable&quot;
| '''Tasks'''
| '''Benchmark Referee'''
| [[TBM1 - “Assemble Aid Tray for Force Fitting”]]
| Frederik Hegger
| [[TBM2 - “Plate Drilling”]]
| Alberto Pretto
| [[TBM3 - “Prepare Box for manual Assembly Step”]]
| Francesco Amigoni
| [[FBM1 - “Object perception”]]
| Matteo Matteucci
| [[FBM2 - “Object Manipulation”]]
| Rhama Dwiputra
| [[FBM3 - “Control”]]
| Tim Friedrich

* RoCKIn@Home
:'''Chair:''' Pedro Miraldo
:{| class=&quot;wikitable&quot;
| '''Tasks'''
| '''Benchmark Referee'''
| [[TBM1 - “Getting to Know My Home”]]
| Luca Iocchi
| [[TBM2 - “Welcoming Visitors”]]
| Andrea Bonarini
| [[TBM3 - “Catering for Granny Annie’s Comfort”]]
| Pedro Resende
| [[FBM1 - “Object Perception”]]
| Matteo Matteucci
| [[FBM2 - “Navigation”]]
| João Mendes 
| [[FBM3 - “Speech Understanding”]]
| Emanuele Bastianelli

In addition, this wiki also provides '''General Competition Requirements''' and '''FAQ''' sections for both @Work and @Home Competition: [[Robot Setup Work]], [[Robot Setup Home]], [[FAQ Work]], and [[FAQ Home]], respectively.

== RoCKIn Camp ==

The RoCKIn Camp 2015 took place from 18th to 22nd March in the ECHORD++ facility of Peccioli (Italy) and it is designed as a hands-on week long school, where teams improve the performance of their systems through working sessions in the RoCKIn competition tasks and functional benchmarks.

== Benchmarking ==

Benchmarking in RoCKIn has been developed to allow for the quality of the sub-system components to be recognized, through the Functionality Benchmarks, as well as to assess the performance of complete systems in the overall task, through the Task Benchmarks. 

The datasets collected through the benchmarking activities can be downloaded [[Datasets|here]].

== Important links ==

* RoCKIn official webpage:
* Rulebook for the @Home competition: [ @Home rulebook]
* Rulebook for the @Work competition:[ @Work rulebook]
* RoCKIn GitHub Repository:</rev>